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Chef, Nutrionist, Parent....


As a trained chef Mark can prepare nutritious food that your child will love.  As a nutritionist, you can be sure it is healthy.  And as a parent, Mark understands the difficulties and complexities of raising and feeding children while dealing with life's distractions.

Mark graduated first in his class from the French Culinary School in New York City, worked as a line chef in several New York restaurants, started a catering business, and came dangerously close to opening his own restaurant in New York City.

Chef training came in handy when one of his children was diagnosed with developmental problems and dietary intervention (among other approaches) was used to help improve his condition.  Mark learned a great deal about special diets, allergies, sensitivities, and about how to adapt these diets for children.

The full recovery of his child led Mark to look deeper into food, nutrition, and its role as the cause of, and part of the solution to, many of the chronic diseases that seem to be increasing in today's world:  autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, among others.

Mark went back to school and gained a Masters in Nutrition, focussing on functional medicine, treating the cause rather than the symptoms of illnesses, and the therapeutic use of food and diet.​

With MeMeals, you no longer have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience.

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